Property Highlights > ??????I Experience the comfort and luxury of Signature Homes > ????Signature Homes???????????m?h?? Hot Events > ????? Property Finder > ??I???? Looking for that perfect home? You'll find it here > ???M??@???? Hong Kong is located at the southeastern tip of the People's Republic of China. It is just South of the Tropic of Cancer and at the same latitude as Mexico City, the Bahamas and Hawaii. Hong Kong primarily consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and 235 outlying islands. Hong Kong Island was the original British colony, settled in 1842. Most of its neighborhoods - as well as the city's priciest shopping and latest five-star hotels - are clustered near the north shore. There you'll find the very walkable main business district, Central (and its sub-neighborhood, Lan Kwai Fong), the up-and-coming Causeway Bay neighborhood, the nightlifequarters of Soho and Victoria Peak. For more detailed information about Hong Kong, please refer to Hong Kong Tourism Board. Hamilton Court > 愛敦大廈 Grand Garden > 華景園 Four Seasons Place Hong Kong > 四季匯 The HarbourView Place@ICC Megalopolis > 港景匯 Henredon Court > 恆安閣 12 Shouson Hill Road > 壽山村道12號 8 Deep Water Bay Road > 深水灣道8號 127 Repulse Bay Road > 淺水灣道127號 Coral Villas > 珊瑚小築 Pacific View > 浪琴園 3 Repulse Bay Road > 淺水灣道3號 Le Palais > 皇府灣 The Harbourview > 港景別墅 Dynasty Court > 帝景園 Hillsborough Court > 曉峰閣 Vega Suites > 星峰薈 Shouson Peak > Shouson Peak Feng Shui Walk > 風水行 Wellness Workshop > 健康工作坊
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