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Neighborhood Guide

The Mid-Levels is an expensive and prestigious residential neighborhood nestled between The Peak and the Central Business District. Residents living near Conduit Road in the Mid-Levels can enjoy using the Central Escalator to travel to Central. The escalator is the world’s longest covered escalator system in the world and users pass through SOHO, known for its eateries and bars as well as the Graham Street Wet Market (though this is scheduled to be moved to a new location). The escalator is free of charge and travels uphill or downhill pending on the time of the day. Please make sure to check out the hours or you may find yourself using the adjacent steps: Another interesting mode of transportation found in the Mid-Levels is The Peak Tram, with its lower terminus located on Garden Road, opposite the Consulate General of the United States. Established in 1888, The Peak Tram takes travelers up to Victoria Peak for a panoramic view of the city and hiking trails. Restaurants and shopping are also available on the Peak. For a little physical exertion, a visit to the Lung Fu Shan Country Park including the Pinewood Battery and picnic area

Public Transport Guide

Bus asd
Admiralty, Wanchai, Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, North Point
Bus 40
Causeway Bay. Wanchai, Repulse Bay. Staniey
Green minibus 2
Central Admiralty
To Central Station
To Wanchai Station

School Network

 Carmel School (Campus Pre-School}
Primary Section
 Glenealy School
 Peak School
 Carmel Schoot (Elementary Schood
Secondary Section
 Island School
 German Swiss International School (The Peak Campus)

Now Available

Ms.Joyce Kuan    (852) 3766 3055    /    Mr.Kevin Ip      (852) 2828 5152
Last Update: 10 Jun 2021
FLOOR PLAN Gross Area (sf.) Saleable Area (sf.) Bedrooms Monthly Rental Management Fee (per month) Government Rates (per quarter) Date of Availability
Star Sky-62H

576 sf. 438 sf. 1 incl. $29,500 incl. Immediate
Star Sky-63H

576 sf. 438 sf. 0 incl. $36,000 incl. Immediate